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  • The advantages of security seals 04-09-2018

    1.Security seals are easy to use and has high strength. Security seals are used in a wide range of fields. During the process of production, the security seals have high strength and strong adhesive properties. In the course of use, it is sealed by a...

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  • Composition of seals 04-08-2018

    Seals are composed of the following four parts: 1.Shell: Made of fully transparent ABS, which is one of the most transparent raw materials. 2.Transparent cover: It is a small sheet with a rectangular shape. The four corners of the sheet are ...

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  • Customs of Tomb-sweeping Day 04-03-2018

    The customs of the Tomb-sweeping Day include not only the prohibition of fire, grave-sweeping, but also a series of customs and sports activities such as outings, swinging, playing polo, and inserting willows. According to legend, this is because the...

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  • How to seal the container blockade 04-02-2018

    Generally the sealing process of railway container is: 1.The liner will take the containers from the water to the port, then the port's shore container bridge, which will be loaded to the front of the docks. 2.The containers are pulled to th...

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  • April Fools Customs 03-30-2018

    United States Nowadays, on April Fool's Day, whether Americans know each other or not, Americans will make fun of them. The more common trick on April Fool's Day is to point to someone else’s shoes and say, “You don’t tie your shoelaces.” Student...

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  • Evolution and Automation Application of Container Seals 03-30-2018

    “Seal’’ was born to prevent theft and peek when goods were shipped. Traditional seals, which are commonly known as mechanical seals, are installed to containers before shipping. Regardless of different roles in the supply chain and the stay of multipl...

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  • ISO17712 Mechanical Blockade Standard 03-28-2018

    ISO17712 mechanical blockade standard is developed by ISO TC104, which standardizes and defines the type and test method of mechanical seals. At present, all container shipments all over the world are fitted with seals, which must be in accordance wit...

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  • Advantages and effect of plastic seal 03-26-2018

    Advantages of plastic seal: 1.It adopts PP material to produce with anti-acid, anti-corrosion, insulation, not easy of aging, strong bearing etc. 2.Pull-tight structure, easy in installation. 3.Plier is used to cut off after locking. It...

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  • Important role of security seal to logistics industry 03-23-2018

    Along with development of seals and people know it better, seals also develop from only used at electricity meter and water meters to currently applied to logistics and transportation industry. Currently, it can also be applied to petroleum industry. ...

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  • Notices of water and electricity meter seals at use 03-22-2018

    Water and electricity meter seals increase aluminum shell on lead seal surface. This shell not only increases appearance but also can hot stamp much metering information. Old type lead seals can not reach such information and appearance. But it needs ...

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  • Reasons of security seal industry competition 03-21-2018

    Various factors lead to severe competition of seal industry Current logistics seal market customers sale of break-even and increase quarantine so as to get back capital and reduce stock pressure. Currently seals market show in the follows: there ...

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  • What are the folklore of the spring equinox? 03-20-2018

    Egg Every year on the vernal equinox day, there are tens of millions of people around the world doing "pile" tests. It is difficult to verify why the play of "Chinese Customs" has become a "world game." However, the gameplay is simple and interes...

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  • Tamper-proofing label 03-16-2018

    what is tamper-proofing label It is applied to sites with sensitive safety. When trying to remove label, label will self-destruct, which is a safe way. Label with safety crack can prevent easy removal of label. Tamper-proofing label produced...

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  • Application range and parameter of meter seal 03-16-2018

    一、Application range 1.External shell of electricity box (including reset position) 2.Outlet cover of electricity box (terminal panel) 3.Combined junction box 4.Electricity box (cabinet) 5.Charging mutual inductor 6.Chargi...

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  • How to play the anti-theft role of anti-theft seals 03-13-2018

    There are generally two seal holes on seals: 1、Its feature lies in line ball framework made of hard metal materials inside of seals. 2、The upper surface of line ball framework parallels with seal holes of seal. 3、There is a line pressin...

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