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Customs of Tomb-sweeping Day

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The customs of the Tomb-sweeping Day include not only the prohibition of fire, grave-sweeping, but also a series of customs and sports activities such as outings, swinging,  playing polo, and inserting willows. According to legend, this is because the Cold Food Festival requires cold food and prohibition of fire. In order to prevent the cold food from hurting the body, everyone participates in some sports activities to exercise. During the Tomb-sweeping Day, folks should avoid needles and avoid laundry. Women in most areas are prevented from doing so. Before the evening, sprinkle a gray line in front of the gate, which is said to prevent ghosts from entering the house. Therefore, this festival has both the sad and sorrowful tears from the death of the new grave and the joy of laughter. It is a special festival.

Tomb-sweeping Day


This is the ancient Tomb-sweeping Day custom. Swing, which means pulling the rope and moving. Its history is very old. The earliest was called Chiaki, and it was changed to a swing in order to avoid jealousy. In ancient times, the swings were framed with lychee trees, and they were made of ribbons. Later it gradually developed into a swing with two ropes and pedals. Swinging can not only promote health, but also foster bravery. It has been loved by people, especially children.


The ball is a kind of ball. The ball is made of leather. The ball is stuffed with a hair. Hey, it is enough to play football. This is a kind of game that people loved during the ancient Tomb-sweeping Day. Legend has it that Huang Di invented it. The original purpose was to train warriors. Playing polo is one of the dramas of the Dragon Boat Festival. Polo is riding on the horse, holding a stick and playing ball.

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