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Composition of seals

Source: Bochuang Seal Co., Ltd. Time:2018/04/08 Pv:

Seals are composed of the following four parts:

1.Shell: Made of fully transparent ABS, which is one of the most transparent raw materials.

2.Transparent cover: It is a small sheet with a rectangular shape. The four corners of the sheet are respectively cast with four columns that are similar to the four support legs of the table. They are installed on the concaves of the four corners of the transparent shell with a solid role.

3.Barcode labels: Seals labels can be printed with a lot of signs, patterns as requested. Generally speaking, they are 417 yards and 128 barcodes with anti-counterfeiting effect. The name of the power supply bureau or other text can be printed on the top of the barcode. Below the bar code is the serial number we all know, such as 00001,00002 and so on.

4. Different colors of stainless steel inserts: The color of the inserts can be set according to the customers’ request. There are red, yellow, blue, green and other colors.


Different seals have different functions:

1.If the seals have to be removed due to work needs, they should inform the customer to conduct the removing and resealing together.

2.Drivers are only allowed to seal vehicle's tank on site

3.All drivers shall not move the seals. If an internal abnormality is found, they must be sealed on site and signed and approved by the customer. At the same time, report to the operating person who is responsible for confirmation.

4.The sealing personnel have no authority to remove the seals on the vehicle's tank.

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