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Using method of cable seal

Source: Bochuang Seal Co., Ltd. Time:2018/03/08 Pv:

1Choose appropriate site, check if the lock hole of cable seal has blocking and if lock chip has rust or not, check if plastic head has serious deformation. If there is, it can not be used.

2.Start to penetrate cable seal after finishing check. When penetrate, need to pay attention that penetrate from lock hole. The finger can sense obvious strength of steel ball locking and have crisp voice. Pay attention that if when steel penetrate, there is no obvious steel ball locking strength or crisp voice, which means the inner part has rust or steel ball changes position. In such case, it is unable to use.

3.After penetrating wire, pay attention to the length of penetrating. It can not be too long or too short. If too long, it will be difficult to break cable seal. If too short, effective locking seal can not be guaranteed. Therefore, need to balance the two. Plier can only be used to cut off after use.

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